Lordís Day 18 Themes and Divisions


C. Bouwman


The most important place in the Christian life is in heaven


1.      In heaven is our Intercessor

2.      In heaven is our home

3.      In heaven is our focus


Christís ascension into heaven implies a broad worldview for us on earth


1.      The cause of Jesusí ascension

2.      The benefit of Jesusí ascension


D. Wynia


We believe the gospel of the ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ


1.      Because he is still with us

2.      Becuase he is still one of us

3.      Because he is still helping us


C. Stam


Our confession concerning the presence of the ascended Christ


1.      He is at the Fatherís side, in heaven

2.      He is in the Churchís midst, on earth


W. Huizinga


Your Lord ascended for your advantage


1.      The reality of your ascended Lord

2.      The riches from your ascended Lord

3.      The return of your ascended Lord


J. Van Spronsen


The Lamb of God is seated on his throne in heaven


1.      What that means for him

2.      What that means for us


W. Bredenhof


The Lord Jesus Christ ascended into heaven, yet also remains with us on earth


1.      The fact of his ascension

2.      The character of his ascension

3.      The purpose of his ascension


K. Dijk


The ascension is the transition from earth to heaven and proclaims:


1.      The end of Christís earthly work

2.      The beginning of Christís heavenly work


With Christ in heaven


1.      He for us

2.      We with him


B. Holwerda


Christ maintains in heaven:


1.      His mediatorial right

2.      His mediatorial power

3.      His mediatorial glory